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The Importance of Proper Brake Maintenance

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Of all the active safety systems on your vehicle, the brakes are the most important. Yet despite this fact, so many drivers fail to understand just how vital brakes are or how important it is to have them inspected regularly. The simple fact is that it is not good enough to bring your vehicle in to have the brakes inspected when you notice a problem. By this time your vehicle may not be safe to drive and this situation could lead to a nasty accident. You need to have your brakes inspected and serviced on a regular basis in order for them to do their job properly, keeping you and everyone else on the road safe.

How the Brakes in Your Car Work

The brakes on a car, despite the technological advances of anti-lock braking, are a very simply system. When you push your foot down on the brake pedal, the piston or pistons in the brake master cylinder compress the brake fluid in the brake lines. These lines lead to all four wheels and cause the calipers or wheel cylinders to apply pressure to the brake pads causing your vehicle to come to a stop. When any part of this system is worn out or fails to operate properly, you lose some or all of your braking capability, often resulting in an accident.

There are several indicators of potential brake failure, some are more obvious than others may be. One of the most common indicators of wear and or failure is noise. When your brake pads or shoes are close to being worn out, they may start to make a squealing or scraping noise. This may be the most ignored symptom of brake failure as most people either have their music turned up too loud to hear it, or worse yet simply choose to ignore the noise.

In the case of low fluid or an ABS (anti-lock brakes) system, you will see a warning light come on in the instrument cluster. Your brake pedal may also have a soft or spongy feel to it and may require you to push down harder in order to stop your vehicle. No matter which of these symptoms you happen to notice, they all indicate the same thing. Time to have your brakes inspected, you have no time to waste.

What Our Technicians Look For

When you bring your vehicle to Lara's Trucks for a brake inspection, our technicians will remove all four wheels and look for the following:

  • Leaking calipers
  • Leaking wheel cylinders
  • Leaking or damaged brake lines and hoses
  • Worn out pads or shoes
  • Damage brake rotors or drums
  • Leaking master cylinder
  • Test the ABS system

In the case of leaks, the evidence is usually quite easy to spot as is the thickness of the lining on the pads and shoes. A micrometer is used to determine whether or not the rotors and drums are still within the safety specifications set by the manufacturers and a computer test device will be used to check out the ABS system. Our goal is to be able to furnish you with a detailed report about the overall condition of your brakes and what it will take to restore them to full functionality. From simple pad or shoe replacement to complete system overhaul, our certified technicians have the knowledge and skill needed to ensure that you, your family, and everyone else on the road stay safe.

The next time that check brakes light comes on, your brake pedal doesn't "feel" right, or your brakes start making a funny noise, come on in to Lara's Trucks and let our team of certified technicians inspect them for you. Contact us, we are here six days a week for your convenience.

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